3d View a copy of the origin with all data


You can see me here in 3d. Start the 3d Viewer.

This 3d is calculated out of a set of photos, so it’s my real body what you see.

Klick on Image and start the 3d viewer. It is not working with mobile phone.

You have to use a PC or a tablet.


I have some more 3d views, where I am hiding nothing – no panties.
These 3d views you can only see when you have a password.
Make a date with me and during the date  I will give you the password.
You can refresh your sweet memories of our date from time to time on this page, looking at my naked body.

I have some friends of mine which you will find also with naked scans on this page.

Click on my picture and proceed.

 I also placed on this page some sexy 3d Scans of my friends where you can also play around with.

Have fun!