The last months I was in Shanghai. From that time you can see here all my reviews. I copied them here on this page.

The original page you find here  Shanghai Nightlife.


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    Whygoround (Wednesday, 02 November 2016 22:23)

     Welcome back. So sad I won’t be there until the 15th. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.
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    Stewe (Wednesday, 02 November 2016 21:54)

     Nice new pictures, wish I was there right now to play around with her. One of the best in business! You lucky guys whom are there, enjoy!
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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 02 November 2016 03:30)


    we are glad to hear, that Angie has been able to come back for some days. Unfortunately her visa allow her only to stay here for 7 days, so take your chance and I would apprechiate, if you guys would let her feel how much we miss her here. We hope she will be able to solve the visa issue…

    Good luck Angie,


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    Bernd (Friday, 21 October 2016 15:50)

     I hope to see her again in November in Shanghai. Angie is outstanding. SNG should have more girls that age. Only young chicken is sometimes fun, but not for so much excited for us older guys

    Hope to see you in November Angie

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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 18 October 2016 23:46)


    after struggling around for month now she has been able to get a short time visa and Angie will be in Shanghai from 2nd of November till 9th of November. And we all wish that she will be able to find a long term solution while her stay in Shanghai.

    Good luck to her and if you are in Shanghai that time, don`t miss the Chance to see Angie,


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    Jorn (Friday, 07 October 2016 14:13)

     Hello, any news on when she will be back?
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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 13 September 2016 00:46)


    if she would be able to, she would be here long time already, but because of the “island-conflict” China is very restrictive with visa for Filipinos actually.
    We already start to research, if we are able to find a agency who has any idea how to get a visa for her, but till now not successful.
    So there is no time schedule, even we all hope to solve her problem fast and she also looking forward to be back, so let`s hope it will work soon,


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    BB1980 (Sunday, 11 September 2016 22:17)

     Any news on when she will return?
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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 01 July 2016 02:10)


    Unfortunately the Chinese government is actually very strict with providing visa for Filipino, so there was no solution for Angie to extend her stay.
    Till she come back (which we hope will be latest in September), she stay in Macao, so if your schedule will allow you to visit this amazing city, than feel free to contact her (by e-mail) and I am sure she will be very happy to meet you there.

    Have a good time,


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    Nik (Tuesday, 28 June 2016 12:53)

     When will Angie work again?
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    KK (Monday, 27 June 2016 05:04)

     Any idea when she will be back?
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    Alex (Sunday, 29 May 2016 06:21)

     There are plenty of good reviews for Angie below, yet I think it is worth to add another one.

    I won’t describe any intimate details of our meeting (it was everything you can imagine and in plenty, but I’d prefer each one will discover the paradise by himself), I will only say – this lady has a fire in her! A unique combination of skills, attitude and personality.
    My only regret – I haven’t met her during my past trips to Shanghai in each and every occasion.
    Don’t repeat my mistake gentlemen! call Angie today and make an appointment

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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 29 April 2016 22:04)


    thanks for the feedback. We in fact already invited her to our next photo shooting, because of the picture issue.
    And just to avoid misleading: Every guys taste and requirement is different, so that means if all other guys disappointed you doesn`t mean that there will not be a lot of guys who will have a totally different view on a girls appearance and service they request 😉

    Have a good time,


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    Guy (Saturday, 23 April 2016 06:20)

     I booked Angie for the second time yesterday

    1 h including some anal penetration
    She is really amazing
    The best price / quality ratio for sure
    And even probably simply the best girl il SNF!
    Sage make you relax and she (seems at least) enjoy doing it!
    I Fully recommend her. I others and except Cathrine and of course Angie, they all disappointed me
    Also, her actual appearance much more better looking than before and than the pictures on SNF
    Steven, you should change her pictures

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    Me (Sunday, 10 April 2016 08:36)

    I had the pleasure of spending 2 hrs with Angie. Wow, she is beautiful and really knows how to please a man. I am not young anymore, but she really seemed to enjoy my Company anyway. She is also very enjoyable talking with and willing to share her life. I highly recommend her and will get back in touch with her, next time I am in Shanghai for sure.

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    Angelo (Friday, 08 April 2016 15:08)

     Back home I now take the time I owe her for a most excellent and erotic experience: We started with a casual dinner at a great cozy Italian place “Porto Matto”: Prosecco, Campari… Cassata…dining with stile makes the DATY so much better..

    As senior I cherish her experience and dedication over most others.. Stellar!!!

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    Anom (Friday, 18 March 2016 13:32)

     I met her today and she was very nice company. Lot of kissing, good action and massage. I enjoyed from the fact that it was easy to discuss with her that made it so much better. True gfe experince.
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    Enrique (Monday, 29 February 2016 11:37)

     Met her yesterday and we had a great evening. The pictures did not tell her real beauty. I enjoyed the time very much. She knows how make a man happy.
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    Rudolph (Saturday, 13 February 2016 10:07)

     I asked Angie to come to Hotel, and she was in time waiting on me in the lobby. I recognized her immediately she is as beautiful as on the pics. A drink at he bar convinced me, and little later in my room (I asked she answered straight) she fully satisfied me, the details are in my brain, not to share here..

    Absolute sure I wante to meet her again next time in SHA.

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    jj6 (Tuesday, 02 February 2016 08:48)

     Met her first time last week. Was not so sure from the pictures first, but when she arrived – wow – lookes much better in natural! and what a service! You can have good talks with her, great action with almost no limits – She is trying always to fully satisfying your needs and wishes. Yes, she’s matured – but that’s the best. She knows how to make you happy – and that’s what counts most.

    Hope she will always get her visa renewed to meet her again and again.

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    Jim (Friday, 22 January 2016 02:08)

     Had a meeting with Angie. She is absolutely fabulous. Very attractive and ensure both of us had a great time! I hope to visit again soon and will for sure be calling her again!
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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 14 December 2015 15:40)


    Angie now is on a “Visa run” and should be available again 17th. So keep patient and enjoy the time with this charming lady.

    Have fun,


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    Travel man (Tuesday, 08 December 2015 10:31)

     Met with Angi last night for 2 hours and I had a great time. Great lady with excellent skills. Extremely friendly and willing to go the extra mile.

    All in all, a great experience

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    Roger (Friday, 04 December 2015 08:50)

     Hey She is Back!!!! See her always when in Sha


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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 04 December 2015 06:33)


    Angie informed us, that she just arrived in Shanghai and she is looking forward to see some of the nice guys who will find her profile here.

    Have fun with Angie,


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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 04 December 2015 06:29)

     @Big Guy:

    yes, thank`s for the reminder, We already checked that and brought the special back yesterday.

    Have fun,


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    Big Guy (Thursday, 03 December 2015 08:58)

     Will she and Catherine be offering hardcore duos again?
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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 12 September 2015 16:12)

    She went back home for a longer time and we hope Angie will be back to Shanghai in November.

    We all wish her a good time and looking foward to welcome her back,

    Steven and Team

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    Ismael (Thursday, 27 August 2015 02:53)

     A really lovely very very sexy lady. She really knows how to make a guy happy in every department.

    She is much prettier than her picture and I can certainly recommend her to any guy who wants a really good time in Shanghai!

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    Lover (Friday, 07 August 2015 18:43)

     First date with Angie… Fantastic

    More than any details, she understand, like to share any experience. She could be very naughty as well as very elegant. With Angie time is running too fast …
    Great night, great moment a wonderful experience

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    Sam K (Wednesday, 05 August 2015 14:35)

     Meet Angie last Sunday, and spent some time with her. As most have said her pictures really do not show her true beauty! I did my homework work and yes you will get a most pleasant surprise if you treat her as a woman, and chocolate does help! Had a very wonderful time with her both in and out of the hotel room!

    She took me to a Jazz bar near the Bund and we had a nice chat before heading in for some fun. I highly recommend Angie, and will absolutely she her again when I’m in Shanghai, and I will make sure to book her in advance so as not to miss her! Take care of he and she will take care of you!

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    andyenjoying (Saturday, 11 July 2015 11:20)

     I had in May overnight with Angie. I will not disclose any details, but she is the woman for man’s desires – you will get more than you expect ;);). I had a great time with Angie – in & out bed. Take good care of her and if you are gentleman, then you bring her some good chocolate 🙂
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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 07 July 2015 20:44)


    Angie is out of town, but should be back around 9th to 10th, so very soon you can meet her again here in Shanghai.

    Have fun,


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    Rudi (Monday, 22 June 2015 11:02)

     Thanks for your good service . See you again soon 🙂
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    Peter (Friday, 12 June 2015 08:24)

     I contacted Angie for a two hour meeting and met her yesterday.

    She’s a very nice lady and made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole date. I enjoyed very much and will definitely see her again. If you’re not into the rushed game, but enjoy a personal and warm feeling, you should date her. Treat her well, she deserves it !

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    Felix (Sunday, 07 June 2015 18:24)

     I met Angie for a hour and I have no regrets. Anything was perfect. Her soft nice-smelling skin and her sweet lips are incredible.

    She was like my girlfriend from the first second till the last second.
    Hopefully I can see her again soon.

    Felix 😉

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    Gregory (Monday, 01 June 2015 05:18)

     Don’t look any further… She is all you ever wanted from a girlfriend

    as an older guy she managed to get me going several rounds in one night, incredibly good . I never thought I could have such an experience, not even when I was a twen..

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    DD (Saturday, 09 May 2015 10:25)

     Met Angie yesterday,

    Can confirm all the reviews below.
    A wonderful mature and sexy lady with a nice pair of tits.
    Her bj is incredible, I shot a ful load in her mouth, she not even waste one drop!
    I fucked her in all positions, and yes, she is definitely an anal queen!
    Thanks Angie, looking forward fucking you again.

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    BoobsLover (Monday, 04 May 2015 12:07)

    I was lucky enough to meet this gorgeous youthful middle-aged babe recently. The pictures are a little ridiculous in that they really (really!) don’t show just how fabulously hot she really is. I mean, she’s fucking HOT! Her tits are insane, so big, firm and gorgeous! Oh man… I swear I nearly came just from enjoying them alone. And her figure’s insane, too. Just so curvey from her boobs, to her hips, to her beautiful ass. Gorgeous face, wonderful relaxed horny personality. Totally professional, wonderful sexy girl, shaved pussy, and of course amazing anal on top of everything! My only regret is that I only had time for j short session- next time I’d like to book her for longer. You will not regret seeing the lovely Angie. Thank you, baby! xoxxx

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    2on1 (Friday, 01 May 2015 13:12)

    I met Angie for the first time last Monday for a very special date. Wow. This lady is amazing. A real sex goddess. Really more pretty than her pictures here. We found both our adventure. I recomand her. For sure. Kiss Angie. See you soon again.

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    Dan (Wednesday, 01 April 2015 08:57)

     I met Angie last Friday night for overnight. Our time together was excellent. She is a beautiful and sweet Lady, even more attractive in person than in her photos. She is very easy to talk to, easy to be with and an outstanding date to accompany you to dinner or out for drinks.

    Private time with Angie was sensual and erotic; time with her was like time with your girlfriend after a long separation. Her bbbj was sublime, her shaved pussy soft, wet, responsive, delicious and accommodating. Waking up to Angie with her mouth wrapped around me was like awakening from a dream only to find the dream continuing. I will definitely book Angie again the next time I am in Shanghai.

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    Ken Li (Thursday, 12 March 2015 02:06)

    Beats all the youngsters by far!! Not only is she a very good looking and attractive Lady but makes you feel like a good old friend. The time with her was outstanding, dinner and later bar and still later … wow !!!
    Guys you miss something. First thing after checking in is seeing her.
    Now I can arrange a meeting before coming to Shanghai assuring she got time when I arrive

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    TaipeiD (Monday, 23 February 2015 03:58)

     Yes what a gem. My wife and I had a 3some with her… Her first. She was totally game and a lot of fun. Fyi we negotiated 3p that was fair considering there were 2 of us. She she arrived on time and looks better in person than her pics. She was very friendly and got along very well with my wife. Sex was amazing – the girl has skills. The only issue I had was that she and my wife were so hot together I came much sooner then I wanted – hey it happens. After sex we went out with her and partied until 3 am – what a great time. Please treat her well – she deserves it.
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    Jon (Saturday, 21 February 2015 19:33)

     What a hidden Gem. I meet with Angie last night for an hour and NO clock watching. She showed up about 10 minutes early and looked great. Just a GREAT GFE!! Her English is very good and good conversation. She really knows how to please too!! One of the BEST BBBJ’s from any on the page!! Angie really enjoys her work too, if you know what I mean. Recommend highly!!

    (Steven, you did it again!! Thanks!!!)

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    Per (Saturday, 21 February 2015 08:07)

     Had a great session with Angie a few days ago,

    She’s punctual and dresses classy, blends right into the crowd at my hotel.
    The time with her was great, no rush / surprises and she is easy to talk to.
    Very skilled and a great body, don’t be discouraged by her age, I prefer her above any 22 year old.
    Happy Chinese New Year.

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    Guy (Thursday, 12 February 2015 18:33)

     Angie is really a wonderful and amazing girl!

    But better don’t tell to everyone because to good!
    She is taking care, very pro, not rushing! Perfect relaxing time with her!